Free Fonts You Can Actually Use

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Free fonts are awesome, but it’s so easy to end up with a computer full of fonts you’ve only used once. To avoid this trap, it’s preferable to stick to high quality, versatile font families with full character sets and multiple weights. With this in mind, check out the free fonts below, handpicked with an eye for usability. They are ordered in terms of license – at the top you’ll find fonts you can use even for commercial projects, where the strictly personal use families are at the bottom.

Bebas Neue

A tall, clean sans-serif display face that has been called “The Helvetica of Free Fonts”.

  • free for personal AND commercial
  • multiple weights
  • all caps


Another tall sans-serif with a bit of a sci-fi vibe, great legibility, and a ton of glyphs.

  • free for personal AND commercial
  • upper & lowercase sets with full punctuation

Odin Rounded

A super-round, super-versatile display with a HUGE glyph set and stylistic alternates for a varied look.

  • free for personal AND commercial
  • multiple weights (and italics)
  • upper & lowercase sets with full punctuation
  • stylistic alternates (more…)

Global App Design Dos and Don’ts

Have the next big idea for a global app? It’s important to think about basic rules that will help make your app design a success. The Next Web offers some important tips to keep in mind. TNW knows that designing an app takes a lot of creativity, planning and intensive labor and it doesn’t get easier when you’re designing for a global audience. Some do’s to keep in mind are; assessing the viability of launching in a new market, simplifying functionality, visualizing consistency, getting in real content ASAP, starting with high resolutions and double checking mobile OS adoption rates. Don’t forget the don’ts, which include leaving out animations, ignoring culture nuances, executing your strategy remotely and taking visual language lightly.



Coming up with an app may be easy; it’s getting it running smoothly that’s the challenge. For instance, animation is an eye catcher when designing. Animation brings characters to life; why not bring your app to life. Yes, animation may be the most difficult part to include when creating an app, but instead of trying to avoid it altogether why not include some sort of animation. Animation helps user to better understand the app and stay engaged.



Keep in mind that the key focus is to make this a global app and your audience is huge. People you least expect may end up downloading this app. Therefore, don’t ignore cultural nuances. You will be reaching out to different markets, don’t assume that all markets take the same language similarly. You don’t want to end up disrespecting someone or giving wrong instructions. Take the time and see which symbols, drawings, or text have mutual meanings no matter who is using it. Overall, just remember your audience is global and it’s important to properly cater to them. Always get a second opinion before you launch your final product. So there you have it folks – tips from the experts at TNW to get you started in globalizing your app.

Customize WordPress Themes in 4 Easy Steps

Everyone realizes it at some point – my WordPress theme is being used by thousands of other bloggers. So, how do you make your blog standout? Most people shy away from customization of their layouts because they believe it takes exceptional coding skills and mastery of all computer languages. Well, they’re wrong. There are a few simple things you can tweak on your blog to make it match your own individual flair. From fonts to images to colors to the basic layout of your blog, there are many ways to make your blog stand apart from the rest. Check out more tips on Copyblogger.

5 Software Tips for Graphic Designers

Any tech-savvy person loves a good shortcut or tip that saves them time – I know I do. You can play around with tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator for years and still not scratch the surface of their capabilities. From simple tips on resizing images and saving them for the web to quick formatting with style sheets, maybe after all that you can create an Artboard for your Photoshop club too. Impress your friends with your new skills after you check out these tips on Creative Bloq.

When Graphic Typography Mixes with Baroque Pop Music

There is almost nothing better than finding something new and innovative in the way of creating art. I’m always fascinated when I see a music video that has a creative concept to it, yet appears to be relatively simple. Husbands’ new video from their single, “Dream,” is another example of that; although, the making of it was more complicated than it looks.

Created by French visionary duo, Cauboyz (made up of photographer Bertrand Jamot and graphic designer Philippe Tytgat), they created a concept for “Dream” that “fools viewers into thinking the flashing retro typographies are done digitally.” Upon closer inspection, this is not the case. In the “Making of / Husbands – “Dream”” video, we see that in order to create the effect of digital typographies, Cauboyz assembled light-up boxes in a wooden frame with “each box connected to a control panel with switches assigned to each phrase or word in the song.”

What I found amazing about this is I see digitally typographic lyric videos all the time, but I enjoyed watching this video the most, especially after I learned that it was, in fact, not digitally created.

Previous videos created by the Cauboyz include “Set You Free” by The Black Keys where the words appear on a revolving can, and AgesandAges, “No Nostalgia” where the words to the song appear on a green background written in white chalk.

Source: The Creators Project


Husbands – “Dream” from Cauboyz on Vimeo.

From Brain Pickings: The Ideas that Helped Change Graphic Design

Interested in how the ideas and concepts of graphic design has changed over time? There are many books on this, several that “tend to be organized by chronology and focused on concrete-isms,” but one in particular focuses on “abstract concepts” and is illustrated with “exemplary images and historical context.

Brain Pickings examined the new book 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design, created by design writer Steven Heller and design critic Veronique Vienne. This book highlights the authors’ favorite creators (such as Saul Bass and Paula Scher) as well as focuses on not only “what design is and does, but also on what it should be and do.”

Example of a public service campaign highlighted in 100 Ides That Changed Graphic Design. Source:

From Brain Pickings: Sage Advice From Today’s Top Graphic Designers

If there is anyone we should take advantage of the advice we are given, it is people in our dream profession who have already graduated from college and experienced what it is like to be in the “real world.” Take, for example, the new book, I Used to Be a Design Student: 50 Graphic Designers Then and Now. Compiled by Billy Kiosoglou and Frank Philippin, the two authors “set out to reverse-engineer the power of personal history by tracing the creative evolution of influential designers, who reflect on their education, profession, and how their preferences in everything from reading to food to modes of transportation have changed since their university days.”

The book features several “comparative grids,” short and sweet sage advice, and some of the designers’ most precious valuables and how these have shifted from “technical tools” to “existential anchors.”

Example of the “comparative grids” of the graphic designers from Then and Now.


From Smartpress: An Informative Infographic About the State of Graphic Design

Interested in a career in graphic design? Smartpress, an online printing service, recently surveyed “some of the best and most talented graphic designers,” creating a neat infographic of all the results they found. The infographic, found below, includes tips such as “How to Learn the Field,” some designers favorite tools (Adobe Creative Suite being a favorite), and how much the top 10% of designers earned in 2011. For someone looking to enter that field, it is definitely worth the read through.