Student Opportunities

The First-Year Writing Conference

Held near the end of each term, this writing celebration provides the opportunity for FYW students to share the work they have created over the past term in a setting outside their own classroom. Most of the presented work comes from the students’ multi-modal projects (videos, posters, infomercials, game boards, etc.), though parts of student papers may be read there too. Conference presenters, all FYW students, also talk about how they made their projects, and answer audience questions. The conferences are attended by other FYW students and instructors, and in spring, by other invited guests– MSU faculty and administrators from other departments, and local high school students and their teachers, who come to learn more about writing and college life. This year’s fall conference will be on Friday, Dec. 4th, and the spring conference will be on Friday, April 21st. If you are interested in participating in this learning opportunity, please talk with your WRA instructor.

The Anderson Award

The David D. Anderson Award for the Best Essay in First-Year Writing at MSU was established in honor of David D. Anderson’s lifelong commitment to education and excellence as a scholar and a teacher. The award gives a first-place designation to two student essays per year (one from each semester), and several Honorable mentions. As specific in the gift, student essays are nominated by “professors based on excellence in writing a paper as part of the normal course assignments, so if you are interested, please talk with your professor about this opportunity, and the winners are chosen by a committee of FYW instructors. Each first-place winner receives a $200 scholarship, and is honored at the annual College of Arts and Letters spring convocation. The deadline for submission of a paper is always the third Friday of the following term.