Resources and Services

What do I do if I would like more assistance drafting or revising my paper, or even with help working on a multi-modal project, like a video?

The Writing Center (centrally located in 300 Bessey, but also with multiple branch centers in each of the residential neighborhoods), offers individual writing conferences for students (with both drop-in and make-an-appointment options). See, as well as the Learning Resource Center, below.

If I’m an international student, where can I go for more help with language-related concerns about my writing?

The ESL Lab of the English Language Center (B230 Wells, 353-0800) offers individualized tutoring on writing/reading for international students; many ELC tutors are multilingual, and are able to explain cross-language differences to international students using specific information (about language structure, syntax, vocabulary, etc.) from the student’s home language. See

Where can I go for help with a research project?

The Main Library has both 24-hour support (at 1-800-500-1554 or at Chat 24/7) and friendly Reference librarians on site, as well as a number of on-line guides and tutorials that are specifically geared to MSU courses. See

Where might I go if I am feeling sad or stressed out about my classes and/or personal life?

The MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is where students can get assistance for a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, homesickness, adjustment or acculturation, relationships, LBGTQ concerns, substance abuse, trauma, eating or body image, and other personal mental health issues. Services are provided by a professional staff which includes care managers, social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses. Services are available at Olin Health Center, the Neighborhood Engagement Centers, and the MSU Union building. To learn more about CAPS call 517-355-8270 or visit