WRAC is home to faculty representing a robust range of academic and professional activities and who have received institutional, national, and international recognition.

Institutional Awards

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Dr. Nancy DeJoy

Distinguished Partnership Award for Community-Engaged Creative Activity, Michigan State University:

This award recognizes community collaborations that focus on opening spaces for voices that we need to listen to as we turn our hope for equity and social justice into inclusive action.

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Dr. Denise Troutman

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award:

The individual Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Awards  recognize the emerging and/or sustained efforts made toward advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in thematic categories, including excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion; advancing knowledge and scholarly engagement; fostering engagement, collaboration(s), and partnership(s); advocating justice and equity; promoting learning and educating for inclusivity; and creating transformative organization change.

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Dr. Bill Hart-Davidson

William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award:

Faculty are honored with the William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award for their comprehensive and sustained record of scholarly excellence in research and/or creative activities, instruction, and outreach.

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Dr. Trixie Smith

Faculty Leadership Award:

The Faculty Leadership Award “rewards faculty who demonstrate outstanding leadership — the kind who go beyond the performance of routine tasks, are generous in sharing insights, and provide the hard work and mentoring that creates vision and excellence in programs and departments.”

National Awards

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Dr. Marohang Limbu

The Bishnudatta-Saraswati Academic Award for Delinking, Relinking, and Linking Writing and Rhetoric: Inventions and Interventions of Sirijanga Syllabry:

This award, established in 2017, encourages and honors individuals, groups, or organizations who play an important role in publishing works based on in-depth research on the Yakthung language, culture, history, Indigenous knowledge, politics, and social issues in Nepal and India.

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Dr. Casey McArdle

Co-winner of the 2020 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award:

“The recognition of this award speaks to our efforts to support every teacher who wants students to have an engaging online experience.”

-Dr. Casey McArdle

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FYW Program: Dr. Julie Lindquist, Dr. Joyce Meier, Dr. Mike Ristich

National Certificate of Excellence:

Established in 2004, the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence honors up to 20 writing programs per year, recognizing programs that imaginatively address the needs and opportunities of students, instructors, institution, and locale; that demonstrate current best practices in the field and effective placement procedures; and that model diversity and/or serve diverse communities.