Handbook and Forms

Graduate Handbook 

RW 2024-2025 Graduate Handbook (PDF coming soon)
Additional Resources from the College (link)

Coursework Forms 

Independent Study Form (PDF)
Professional/Community Internship Form/Contract (DOC)
Teaching Internship Form/Contract (DOC)

Milestone Forms

MA Record of the Plan A Thesis / Oral Examination (PDF)
PhD Record of Dissertation and Oral Examination Requirements (PDF)

Funding Forms

Conference and Research Travel (link)
Degree Completion Fellowship (link)
Summer Research Abroad Monies (link)
Summer Support Fellowship (link)
Varg-Sullivan Award (link)

Worksheets and Guides

Annual Review (DOC)
Annual Review Checklists for Students (
PDF) and Faculty (PDF)

MA Advising Guide (sheet) and Ideal Timeline (PDF)
MA Report of the Advisory Committee (PDF)

PhD Plan of Study (sheet) and Ideal Timeline (PDF)
PhD Report of the Advisory Committee (PDF)

Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research Requirements (PDF) and Form (PDF)

Previous Graduate Handbooks:

RW 2023-2024 Graduate Handbook 
RW 2022-2023 Graduate Handbook
RW 2021-2022 Graduate Handbook
RW 2020-2021 Graduate Handbook 
RW 2019-2020 Graduate Handbook  
RW 2018-2019 Graduate Handbook 
RW 2017-2018 Graduate Handbook
RW 2016-2017 Graduate Handbook