Webinar Series

Teaching Writing at Scale and Online

What does it mean to have a writing MOOC?
Jan 25, 2013

Can writing be taught online and at scale? Should it? What are the pedagogical implications? Institutional and professional implications? By participating in this event you will hear the thoughts of some of the early MOOC experiments with regard to the questions that frame the session. There will be opportunities in the conversation on writing MOOCs that these sessions are designed to facilitate.

Link to the archived Webinar: https://connect.msu.edu/p5t526iezou/

Please note: During the Webinar, it was noted that those institutions receiving Gates Foundation funding for their MOOCs were required to use Coursera. This is not true. Gates grantees, including some participants in this Webinar, are using a number of platform providers, including Udacity, Desire2Learn, edX, and Blackboard.


MOOCs as writing research platforms? What can we learn about learning?
Feb 22, 2013

By participating in this discovery webinar you will hear the thoughts of some of the early MOOC experiments with regard to how they are conceptualizing MOOCs as platforms for research. Particular emphasis in this conversation will be placed on the questions and concerns that participants have with regard to what we can understand about learning from MOOC use.

Link to the archived Webinar: https://connect.msu.edu/p69stv3im9j/


What does peer learning enable for teaching at scale and online?
March 22, 2013 11am-Noon EST

By participating in this webinar event you will hear the thoughts of some of the early MOOC experimenters with regard to what teaching writing at scale and online means for teaching, including issues of pedagogy, professional development, and labor issues. There will be opportunities to participate in the conversation on issues of teaching and teacher practice.

Link to the archived webinar: https://connect.msu.edu/p34dc2pt9wq/


Hosted by:
Jeff Grabill PhD, Chair, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & American Culture, Michigan State University
Julie Lindquist, PhD, Director, First-Year Writing, Michigan State University

Rebecca E. Burnett, PhD, Director of Writing and Communication, Georgia Institute of Technology
Denise Comer, PhD, Director of First Year Writing, Duke University
Scott DeWitt, PhD, Vice Chair of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy, Ohio State University
Kay Halasek, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of English, Ohio State University
Patricia James, Dean of Library, Technology and Distance Education, Mt. San Jacinto College