Graduate Courses

2024–2025 Graduate Course Offerings

Fall 2024

WRA 810: Writing, Composing, Designing, Making (DeVoss)
WRA 878: Composition Studies (Lindquist)
WRA 886: MA Research Colloquium (Blythe)
WRA 888: 
Methods in the Teaching of College-Level Writing (Long Smith)
WRA 893: Internship

Spring 2025

WRA 841: Professional Writing Theory and Research (Hart-Davidson)
WRA 848: Cultural Rhetorics Theory and Methodology (Arola)
WRA 870: Research Methodologies in Rhetoric and Writing (TBD)
WRA 889: Writing Center Theory and Administration (Pregent)
WRA 893: Internship in Professional Writing/Literacy and Pedagogy

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