Rhetoric and Writing (MA)

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The MA in Rhetoric and Writing is an innovative, flexible degree program focused on educating the next generation of humanities leaders and thinkers who will engage their work in both academic and professional contexts through: The Master of Arts degree in Rhetoric and Writing serves both as:

  1. a professional degree for students interested in technical and professional writing and a career track in industry, nonprofits, or in non-faculty roles in educational institutions, and
  2. a preparatory degree for doctoral work in rhetoric, writing and/or composition studies, communication studies, or technical communication.

Designed for completion in two years, the MA in Rhetoric and Writing provides students with a theoretically grounded, yet practical experience in rhetoric and writing studies.

NOTE: Federal and Need-based Aid Status as of Summer 2023 

Students who applied for and were accepted with funding are provided funding for two years in the form of half-time graduate assistantships during the academic year.

Additionally, private loans and MSU scholarships are available to qualified graduate students pursuing their MA in Rhetoric and Writing. However, our accredited program is not currently eligible for federal student loans. A request for eligibility has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Education. For more information on loans, please see https://finaid.msu.edu/grad.asp and https://finaid.msu.edu/gradplus.asp. Once the program is approved, students will be evaluated for federal loan eligibility. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dànielle Nicole DeVoss (devossda@msu.edu), Chair of WRaC, or reach out to the MSU Financial Aid office (https://finaid.msu.edu/contact.asp); all Financial Aid advisors are aware of the current situation.