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Professional Writing Alumni Portfolios

2016 Graduates


Josh Anderson: Unavailable

Mike Brichta: mikebrichta.com

Emily Dallaire: emilydallaire.com

Maeghan Fitzgibbon: fitzgibbonmae.wix.com/portfolio

Lauren Gaynor: laurenlisagaynor.weebly.com

Katie Grimes: katiegrimes.weebly.com

Sarah Hoag: sarhoag.com

Quin Hoffman: quinhoffman.com

Madeline Judge: madelinerjudge.com

Stefan Krestakos: Unavailable

Emma Kuluk: emmakukuk.weebly.com

Emilie Lussier: emilielussier.com

Emily Murray: ecmurray012.wix.com/mysite

Jintao Na: najintao.weebly.com

Grace Noyola: graciela-noyola.com

Taylor Neverman: taylorncverman.wix.com/workportfolio

Christine Plummer: christinaplum.weebly.com

Sylvia Promislow: spromisl.weebly.com

Michael St. Charles: michaelstcharlesportfolio.neocities.org

Ashley Schuette: ashleyschuettewriting.weebly.com

Lindsey Spitzley:lindseybspitzley.wordpress.com

Cooper Signourney: Unavailable

Katie Susko: katiesusko.weebly.com

Charlie Thompson: madeagle3.wix.com

Alexandra Ward: alexandraward.weebly.com

Jade Wiselogle: Unavailable

Click here for the archive of our PW Alumni Portfolios from before 2015.


Some archived portfolios are currently unavailable. Please contact us at wrac@msu.edu if you have any questions.