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Part Two: How the Marketing Industry is Changing (From a Strategic Point of View)

Earlier this week, I wrote about how fastcocreate.com ran an article asking several high-level “creative types for their educated predictions on how their jobs and the marketing landscape would change in 2013.” In Part Two, they interviewed several high-level strategists: “These are the people who are said to represent the consumer in the marketing process–they’re the masters of research, the experts in media and culture that are responsible for generating brand insights and opportunities.”

The questions asked for this particular group of individuals ranged from big-picture scenarios to what will happen in the advertising field. Questions such as, what kind of consumer trends will happen in 2013? What kind of media trends will happen? And, how will all of this have an effect on our culture as a whole and how we view advertising? Lee Maicon, SVP, insights and strategy, 360i said that we are ruled by “the algorithm.” This means, we make decisions based on recommendations we receive from top companies such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix, despite thinking we’re making them of our own free will.

In terms of marketing to a culture, one such expert said brands “[will] be a culture’s ultimate problem solver.” Lindsey Allison, VP/group director, planning, CP+B, says brands need to ask what is the real problem they can solve? Whether this is “climate, obesity, education – to the little ones – finding the perfect pair jeans,” brands will be working towards helping consumers more.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of background knowledge in marketing and advertising and consumerism, I don’t know where the 2013 marketing industry will go. As a PWer, I wonder how this will affect our social media and what we see more and more on television or in magazines. In this regard, I think we can only wait and see what happens and what the eventual shift and change will be.