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Rachel Robinson

PhD Student

Office: 300 Bessey Hall

Email: robi1078@msu.edu

Twitter: @reneerach

Research Areas

Writing centers, body rhetoric, female academics and administrators, contingent faculty issues, WPA, popular culture 


I'm interested in researching the different ways women are represented in the academy, particularly in the writing center, and how that difference might impact the roles available to them and their own feelings about their places in the academy.

Representative Work

Baldwin, Dianna, Caty Chapman, and Rachel Robinson. "Error 404: Online Writing Center Not Found." International Writing Center Association. Denver, CO. October, 2016.

Carroll, Beth, Julie Karaus, and Rachel Robinson. “Risky Business: Confidence Building as the Key to Expanding Student Success." International Writing Center Association. Pittsburgh, PA. October 2015.

Robinson, Rachel, and Stacia Watkins. “Creating Tutoring Philosophies." Southeastern Writing Center Association. Columbus, GA. February 2016.

Karaus, Julie, and Rachel Robinson. “Letting our Numbers Do the Talking: Assessment in the Writing Center." Southeastern Writing Center Association. Nashville, TN. February 2015.

Carroll, Beth, Meg McSwain, Rachel Robinson, and Catherine Talley. “The Politics of Space: Crossing and Creating Borders in the Writing Center. Southeastern Writing Center Association. Greenville, NC. February 2014.

Harris, Jan, Rachel Robinson, and Stacia Watkins. “Who Are We Talking To? Marketing to Students, Faculty, and Administrators in the Writing Center." Southeastern Writing Center Association. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. February 2013.

Robinson, Rachel. “A Space for Crisis: Administrators Helping Consultants and Staff with Life in the Writing Center.” Southeastern Writing Center Association. Richmond, KY. February 2012.

Robinson, Rachel. “Punk Ethos in the Writing Center.” Research Network Forum. College Conference on Composition and Communication. St. Louis, MO. March 2012.