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Autumn Laws

MA CSLP Student

Email: lawsautu@msu.edu

Twitter: @floralembryo



Research Areas

Disability studies, multimodal composition, memoir writing, social media rhetorics


I'm an Ohio native who came to Michigan to continue my academic work. Here at MSU, I'm interested in exploring the intersections of mental illness and composition. I want to see how rhetorics are formed in social media spaces for people with mental illness(es) and how those rhetorics inform the daily lives of the members of those spaces. Another interest of mine involves understanding the ways that people choose to write and share their stories of disability and what the implications of those choices are for the writer. After graduating, I am interested in industry work, either at a post-secondary institution, a writing center, or a literacy foundation.

Representative Work

A Model for How Writing Centers Can Prepare Diverse Students for Collegiate Success
To be presented March 2017 for the 39th Annual East Central Writing Centers Association Conference

Meaning-Making through Makeshift Memoirs
To be presented April 2017 for Radical Writes Conference at Arkansas State University

An Infinite Work of Art: A Possible Solution to Digital Fiction’s Flaws
Presented at 2016 National Conference of Undergraduate Research