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Meet PW Alum Kelly Turner


Kelly Turner has made leaps and bounds professionally since she graduated with a Professional Writing degree in 2015. She is currently working as a Social Media Coordinator at Resolution Media in Chicago. Resolution Media is a digital marketing agency, specializing in paid strategic advertising and content marketing. As a social media coordinator, Kelly provides content strategy and management for clients using social media platforms, as well as project management for client campaigns. “I’m the middle-man between client and platform. Basically, I negotiate between the client and the platform that runs the advertisements.”

Her average work day starts around 9 am with emails and the occasional early meeting with clients. Every day Kelly checks the pacing of client’s advertisements to make sure their campaign is on budget. Alongside budgeting, she also manages the content of the client’s advertisements. She works with her team to keep clients informed about updates on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Over the past year working at Resolution, Kelly has turned experience into opportunity. She recently worked on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise account and is in the midst of pursuing another significant account as she moves forward in the company.

The experience Kelly gained as a PW major helped her get to where she is today. As a student, she worked for the WRAC Department as a Communication Intern. That position led to a study abroad internship in London focusing on user experience design. With a strong set of skills under her belt, she landed a competitive Social Media Intern position at TechSmith, a software development company located in Okemos.

“Everything helps in a way, but nothing prepares you as much as internships. The Professional Writing major prepared me to analyze audiences and think critically about who I’m writing and catering to. The skills you gain are shaped by the environment you’re working in.”

PW alumni have also come into her life at Resolution Media. Eric Dornbrook, who graduated with his PW degree in 2011 and is now an Assistant Director at Resolution, interviewed Kelly for her current position. And when Kelly’s team was recently working with Facebook on behalf of a Resolution client, she found herself connecting with fellow PW alum Kat Palczewski, who recently took a position as a Client Solutions Manager at Facebook. With Kelly’s passion for helping people connect and communicate, it appears her success has only just begun.


Written for WRAC by Sierra Richards