Learn To Make Your Blog Effective

by | Posted October 7th, 2013

Frustrated and can’t seem to get your blog soaring? With a blogging community that won’t stop growing it’s not easy getting more people to read it. But on the other hand, why is it so simple that anyone can start a blog? It’s only an illusion, there are many difficulties that accompany blogging. You must be able to maintain the site and add new content constantly. The important question to ask yourself, “How can I make my blog great, informational, and interesting?” Lifehacker elaborates on seven amazing tips towards developing a successful blog.

beach-cottage-blog-tips-535x625One piece of advice that stood out to me was, “No blog is an island. Now that you have a blog, you’re part of the blogging community, and reciprocation plays a large part of that.” Leaving comments and trackbacks on other bloggers pages are great ways to get you noticed. In the world of blogging there is no room for modesty. You have to speak up and scratch a few backs. For instance, you can get started by contributing to Lifehacker in a number of ways: from starting your own Kinja blog, to becoming an author on Hackerspace, or emailing submissions@lifehacker.com.

Is reciprocation the only way, absolutely not? Other things, such as having an amazing headline, fresh content, and finding a niche can help your blog better develop. But, the thing I love most about writing is “voice”. Find your voice and don’t be afraid to use it, because that’s what will make yours different from the millions out there. Blogging isn’t any different from life it has its ups and downs. It’s up to you to keep your blogging wings spread and soaring.