Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling In FYW classes

What are the FYW classes?

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How do I enroll in a full class?

  • It is not possible to enroll in a FYW section that is full. The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures does not permit class sizes over 24 students, regardless of the classroom size or any other circumstances. Your professor does not have the ability to “override” this cap. There are no exceptions.

If I am taking an ESL course, may I also enroll in a FYW, WRA course?

  • No, your ESL course must be completed prior to enrollment in WRA. The university’s tracking code system will keep you from enrolling in both ESL and WRA at the same time.

Transferring Credits from Another Institution

I thought I’d completed my first-year writing requirement at another institution, but my writing class (or classes) transferred in only as UGC (University General Credit), and now I’m told I still need to take First-Year Writing at MSU. Why?

  • The writing course (or courses) you took was evaluated as not delivering sufficient credit to fulfill our First-Year Writing experience, or it was assessed as not aligning with the learning objectives of our First-Year Writing course (WRA 101).

Who do I contact if I want my transfer credits to be reevaluated?

Other FAQs 

Can I do an Honors Option in WRA 101?

  • Yes. The following procedures have been copied from the MSU Honors College website. WRA specific policies are noted in [bold with square brackets]:
    • Talk to your professor early in the semester to see whether they would be willing to oversee an Honors Option. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project. [In WRA 101 classes, these conversations SHOULD take place within the first 5 weeks of the semester.]
    • Complete an Honors Option Agreement Form located on the Registrar’s website by selecting “Student-Instructor Forms”. [In WRA 101 classes, the Honors Option Agreement Form MUST be filed before the middle of the semester as specified in the MSU academic calendar]
    • At the end of the semester, the professor approves the Honors Option if the work was completed and the department’s requirements satisfied. The quality of an Honors Option project does not affect the grade assigned for a course; however, in some cases a minimum grade must be earned in a course before the Honors credit associated with the Honors Option can be awarded.
    • [Honors Options in WRA 101 MUST be completed by the end of the semester of enrollment in WRA 101. NO Honors Options may be pursued retroactively–that is, for courses that have been completed.] 

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my professor?

  • All issues should first be addressed with your professor. If an issue cannot be resolved by working with your professor, contact the Director of First-Year Writing, Julie Lindquist (

I need to meet with a writing professor or the writing program administrator. How do I schedule an appointment?

  • All faculty keep their own schedules, so contact them directly to schedule an appointment. Faculty contact information is available on the Faculty page.