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Trixie Long-Smith

Associate Professor; Director of the Writing Center and Red Cedar Writing Project; Assistant Director of Graduate Programs (MA in CSLP); Graduate Faculty
Office: 300E Bessey Hall
Email: smit1254@msu.edu
Website: http://smit1254.msu.domains/

Research Areas

Cultural Rhetorics, Embodiment, Community Engagement, Writing Centers, WAC/WID


Trixie G. Smith is Director of The Writing Center and the Red Cedar Writing Project at Michigan State University, as well as faculty in Writing, Rhetoric & American Cultures and the Center for Gender in Global Contexts. Since joining the faculty at MSU in August 2007, she has taught a wide range of courses. Her teaching and research are infused with issues of gender and activism even as they revolve around writing center theory and practice, writing across the curriculum, writing pedagogy, and teacher training. Likewise these areas often intersect with her interests in pop culture, community engagement, and the idea that we’re just humans learning with/from other humans (you know, with bodies, feelings, lives outside the academy). She has served on numerous boards and committees including the CCCC Executive Committee, ECWCA, IWCA, and MiWCA.


Ph.D., University of South Carolina

M.A., University of South Carolina

B.A., University of Mobile 

Representative Work

Smith, Trixie G, Katie Manthey, Philip Bratta, Ezekiel Choffel, Wonderful Faison, John Gagnon, Scotty Secrist. “Reflections on/of Embodiment: Bringing our Whole Selves to Class.” Feminist Pedagogies 28 (Spring 2019).

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Selected Courses Taught

  • WRA 848 Cultural Rhetorics
  • WRA 889 Writing Center Theory and Administration
  • WRA 890 Queer Rhetorics
  • WRA 890 Embodiment, Feminisms, and Rhetoric
  • WRA 888 Methods of Teaching Writing

Research or Academic Affiliations

Center for Gender in Global Contexts, MSU
Red Cedar Writing Project, Director
MA in CSLP, Advisor
National Organizations: IWCA, NWSA, CCCC, NCTE, NWP Regional: ECWCA, SWCA, MiWCA 

Social Media

Twitter: @tgsmith12

Instagram: @tgsmith12

Facebook: @tgsmith12