Delores Byrum Rauscher

Office: 258 Bessey Hall

Research Areas

Teaching Higher Ed, Writing and Critical Reasoning 


Delores Byrum Rauscher has taught first-year writing for the Department since 2004, and before teaching for WRAC taught ESL for the English Language Department. Delores is currently working on a novel to be published under the name D. F. Byrum. The novel is in the revision stage.


Ph.D. Program, American History, 1996 – 1998, University of Illinois, U-C (coursework, no degree)

Ph.D. Program, Education: Curriculum Development, 1995, University of Indiana, Bloomington. (coursework, no degree)

M.A. History, 1989, Eastern Illinois University

M.A. English, 1996, Eastern Illinois University

Representative Work

Rauscher, Delores F. “Female Office Workers in Chicago, 1870 – 1930: Curriculum Ideas and Materials.” Illinois History Teacher 10.2 (2003): 29-56.

Rauscher, Delores F. “John Peter Altgeld and the Haymarket Riot Pardons: Curriculum Ideas and Materials. “Illinois History Teacher 9.1 (2002): 12-27.

Rauscher, Delores F. ” The Kickapoo Indian: Illinois’ Earliest Pioneers: Curriculum Ideas and Materials.” Illinois History Teacher 6.1 (1999): 18-25.

Archaimbault, Delores F. (previously known as). “Introduction to Section: The Colonies.” The U.S. Constitution and Nation: Documents Reader. Eds. Lynne Curry and Christopher Waldrop. New York: Forbes Custom Publishing (1996). Revised edition (1998).

Archaimbault, Delores F. (previously known as). “Illinois Copperheads and the American Civil War: Curriculum Ideas and Materials.” Illinois History Teacher 3.1 (1996): 19-29.

Archaimbault, Delores F. (previously known as). “The Court Poet‘s Woman: Discovering the Female in Thomas Carew‘s Poetry.” Essays in Women‘s Studies 5 (1994).

Selected Courses Taught

  • WRA 101 Writing as Inquiry: First-Year Writing
  • WRA 115 Writing: Law & Justice in the U.S.
  • WRA 125 Writing: American Ethnic & Racial Experience
  • WRA 130 Writing: American Radical Thought
  • WRA 140 Writing: Women in America
  • WRA 150 Writing: Evolution of American Thought
  • WRA 1004 Preparation for College Writing
  • ESL 221 Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 092 Intensive English for Non-Native Speakers II
  • ESL 091 Listening and Speaking for Non-Native Speakers

Research or Academic Affiliations

Walter and Pauline Adams Academy for Instructional Excellence and Innovation,

Social Media

Twitter: @bearingwords

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