Image of Casey McArdle in front of post it notes.

Casey McArdle

Academic Specialist; Associate Chair; Director of Undergraduate Programs
Office: 235 Bessey Hall

Research Areas

Distance Education, Instructional Design, Experience Architecture, Rhetorical Theory, Professional and Technical Writing


Casey’s research interests focus on instructional design, online writing instruction, experience architecture, and rhetorical theory. He has experience teaching various levels of writing that include Basic Writing, web development, experience architecture, digital literacies, document design, and Professional and Technical Writing.


Ph.D. in English (Composition and Rhetoric), Ball State University, 2014
M.A. in English, Indiana University, 2005
B.A. in English, Denison University, 1997

Representative Work

Recent Publications

McArdle, Casey and Jessie Borgman. Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors. WAC Clearinghouse, 2019.

—. “Mobile Learning Just Keeps on Running: Renegotiating Online Collaborative Spaces for Writing Students.” Mobile Technologies and the Writing Classroom. Ed. Dr. Claire Lutkewitte. Illinois: NCTE Press, 2016. 117-132. Print.

Workshops / Webinars Hosted

McArdle, Casey and Jessie Borgman. CCCC Webinar on Online Environments and Your Students: Strategies to Inform Writing Instruction. 22 April 2020. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Webinar.

McArdle, Casey, Jessie Borgman, and Elizabeth Monske. Crossing the ON-Line: Achieving Online Writing Instruction Goals. May 2016. Computers and Writing Conference. Rochester, NY. 

Awards and Recognitions

#iteachmsu Award—Awarded for outstanding teaching faculty at MSU, 2019

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy —Service Award for Graduate Students and Adjuncts, 2017

Selected Courses Taught

WRA 101: Writing as Inquiry
WRA 110: Science and Technology
WRA 150: History of American Thought
WRA 210: Introduction to Web Authoring
WRA 401: Rhetoric, Leadership, and Innovation
WRA 482: Information and Interaction Design
WRA 491: Fundamentals of Professional Writing
XA 242: Introduction to Experience Architecture
XA 333: Researching Experience Architecture
XA 466: Experience Architecture Capstone

Research or Academic Affiliations

The Online Writing Instruction Community
Global Society for Online Literacy Educators
National Council of Teachers of English
Modern Language Association
International Writing Center Association
National Writing Project

Social Media

Twitter: @crmcardle