Student Spotlight: Charlotte Bachelor

Charlotte Bachelor

Our student spotlight this week is Charlotte Bachelor! Charlotte is a junior studying Professional and Public Writing.

Charlotte recently won the Out of the Box Award at MSU’s 4th annual Social Justice Art Festival for her print series “A Call to Protect Our Black Sisters.”

A raised black fist with a female sign and the words "Protect Our Sisters"
A raised fist with nail polish in front of a wreath of flowers with the words "Protect Our Sisters"

Charlotte’s artist statement gives insight into the purpose behind the artwork:

“After the murder of Breonna Taylor and subsequent capitalization of her name and image after her tragic death, this piece still calls us to action to protect all of our Black Sisters no matter what. My art relates to social justice because it’s a called to defend as Malcolm X described “The Most Disrespected Person in America” aka the Black woman. It’s a call to still defend black women even when our names aren’t in the headlines. This is a call to protect our Black sisters at all times.”

 Charlotte is currently in the process of developing these prints into a line of stickers. During her time with WRAC, Charlotte has also worked on a zine with Hilery Glasby for the book she co-edited on Queer Appalachia and received a fellowship for this work last summer.

Thank you, Charlotte, for all the ways you contribute to WRAC!