Student Spotlight: Jerrice Donelson

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Our student spotlight this week is Jerrice Donelson! Jerrice is a Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Writing. One of her peers shared the following thoughts about Jerrice’s work:

“When we went online, Jerrice was well prepared because she always prepares robust online learning tools for students in case they are unable to attend or they encounter any extenuating circumstances. She does this to ensure accessibility for all learners and she thinks carefully about the learning needs of a wide range of students. It was an important learning moment for me, to begin to understand how we might build in better structures for students to learn and access no matter what our delivery mechanisms might be, whether they be face-to-face, synchronous or asynchronous online instruction. She always puts students at the center of what she does as a scholar and a teacher and I admire her for it.”

Jerrice is currently working on her dissertation research prospectus seeking to learn of former dual enrollment students and their experiences with composition using UX Experience Mapping. She is also co-authoring a short essay sharing her experiences as a graduate student discovering the terrain of “rejection-as-failure.” Another of Jerrice’s projects is her work to transition to free synchronous online writing workshops and writing tutoring for high school students through her non-profit, Scribe Tribe Writing Tutors. Thank you, Jerrice, for being an inspiration to our WRAC community!