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Pubslush Brings New Publishing Options to Writers


There are many routes an author can take when publishing their work, be it through traditional publishing houses to ebooks, etc. Now the new company Pubslush is providing even more options for authors to publish their work.

Created by mother/daughter entrepreneurs, Hellen and Amanda Barbara, Pubslush is described as “Kickstarter for the book world.” Pubslush uses campaigning methods such as crowdfunding and pre-ordering. In this way, the Barbaras are hoping to ease the financial process of publishing  for aspiring authors. 

According to Pubslush’s website, the entrepreneurial duo were actually inspired to start their business by the stories of publishing struggles faced by many famous authors, such as the Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling! Before the best-selling Harry Potter series was published, the tale of the boy wizard was actually rejected by 12 publishers! As such, Pubslush aims to “create a more democratic publishing process” in order to publish great authors who might get overlooked and thrown into what is known as the “slush pile.” Pubslush’s site states:

“Our name is derived from our mission to give authors the opportunity to get out of the slush pile, prove their talent and market viability, and successfully publish quality books.”

It’s definitely an interesting, new approach to publishing to consider, or at least be cognizant of!  For more information on Pubslush, visit their website and check out this article from Small Business Trends. As an aspiring writer myself, it’s nice to know that there are so many options today to get my work published! Enjoy!