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A Calendar of Tales, by You and Neil Gaiman

Recently, Neil Gaiman announced that he was starting a collaborative project. He stated that writing can be very “lonely, it’s just you and the story in your head.” For years, he’s been trying to figure out the best way to have his readers be involved more in his work, and the project that has developed is A Calendar of Tales.

He has teamed up with BlackBerry to create a platform that allows for more interaction between him and his readers. Gaiman will write 12 stories as his part of the project, but each one will be inspired and illustrated by you. As the calendar develops with his ideas and your images, he will continue appearing in this series of episodes.

What is especially interesting about this project is that it creates a union between two things that are starting to be more consistently grouped together: sharing writing through technology. Between applications on phones, the latest tablets, or websites that allow the audience to give feedback, writing has taken on a new front that has increased the amount of collaboration that goes into a piece.

Gaiman states at the beginning of the video, “Good fiction unites us as humans, because it gives us empathy, because it makes us look at the world through other people’s eyes.” After reading about A Calendar of Tales, it seems like we could also say that technology unites us, because it allows us to work with, and learn from, people that we probably would not have had the chance to before.

Source: Open Culture