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Lauren Brentnell

PhD Student

Office: 301 Bessey Hall

Email: lauren.brentnell@gmail.com

Twitter: @RhetoricNSpice

Research Areas

Trauma studies, cultural rhetorics, digital rhetorics, collage making


I am a second-year PhD student in cultural rhetorics. My research focuses on trauma studies and the ways that we can study trauma at the intersections of cultural and digital rhetorics. I study how we can use multimodal composing and art therapy to cope with trauma. As a research assistant for the Writing in the Digital Environments (WIDE) research center at MSU, I also work with communities, practitioners, and researchers to address usability problems.

Representative Work

Brentnell, Lauren. “Living Oklahoma: A Memoir About Trauma and Rebuilding in Academia.” Intermezzo. 2017. (Forthcoming)

Brentnell, Lauren, Elise Dixon, Hannah Espinoza, Shewonda Leger, and Kristi Wiley. “Sustaining Identity Through Cultural Practice(s) as a Cohort.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. March 2017.

Brentnell, Lauren. “Mentorship Across the University: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Pedagogy.” Thomas R. Watson Conference. 20-22 October 2016.

Brentnell, Lauren. “Living Oklahoma: An Academic Memoir.” Cultural Rhetorics Conference. 2 October 2016.

Baldwin, Dianna, Lauren Brentnell, Tania de Sostoa-McCue, Beth Martin, Dawn Opel, and Liza Potts. “Women as Makers in/around/against Popular Media Culture.” Cultural Rhetorics Conference. 1 October 2016.

Brentnell, Lauren. “Representation in Non-Linear Narratives: Text-Based Games and the Question of Agency.” National Popular Culture Association. 23 March 2016.

Brentnell, Lauren and Evin Groundwater. “A Delicate Balancing Act: Graduate Student Assistants in the First-Year Composition Office.” Thomas R. Watson Conference. 17 October 2014.

Awards and Recognitions

Inside Teaching Fellowship (2016)

Research or Academic Affiliations

Cultural Rhetorics Theory Lab