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PW Students: What Did You Do This Summer? 

After twelve-hour cramming sessions and days filled with consecutive exams, Michigan State students welcome summer as a relief from the stresses of school. Undergraduates in the Professional Writing program, however, tend to find ways to stay productive during the summer months. Whether working to accumulate some cash for the coming semester, gaining professional experience through internships, or studying abroad, PWers know how to make the most of their free months. Find out below what a few of the program’s undergrads did over summer 2016.


Wilson_Allie.JPGAllie Wilson

“I worked at JCPenney. I also worked an internship at a newspaper company called Leader Publications where I learned a lot about journalism."




Bridget Hanchek

“I was on the Cultures and Story Telling Abroad Trip. The coolest thing we did we did was going on the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff Bay.”




Kalib Watson

”I worked at the Michigan Electric Cooperative Association. I was the communication intern.”




Cheyenne Nutlouis

“I worked at a boathouse over the summer. I also traveled to Canada and ziplined over Niagara Falls.”



Nich_Ashita.jpgAshita Nich

“I had the opportunity to go on the Cultures and Storytelling Study Abroad with Professor Liza Potts and 10 other students from the PW or XA majors. We traveled from Dublin, Ireland, to London and then Norwich in England, and ended our journey in Cardiff, Wales.”



Bezinque_Cynthia.JPGCynthia Bezinque

"I interned at Between the Lines in Toronto, Canada as a Marketing and Publicity Intern. It was a fantastic opportunity to get behind the scenes at a small publishing firm in a major city. I was mainly in charge of gathering outreach contacts and organizing them in Microsoft Access for my mentors to utilize, I also helped draft an email newsletter and assisted with producing galleys to send off to reviewers."



Hirsch_Sabrina.JPGSabrina Hirsch

"This summer I was in Washington, D.C. working as the Social Media Intern for the Smithsonian Associates. I managed 3 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts, an Instagram, and wrote blog posts. I was also able to do some graphic design work and photography, which was fantastic."



Eicher_David.jpgDavid Eicher

"This summer, I had an internship with Geico in Indianapolis. The skills I learned at Geico and the adjustment I made to living in Indianapolis were both excellent and maturing experiences."



Poole_Caroline.pngCaroline Poole

“This summer I interned at a publishing company in Toronto called Iguana Books. Throughout my experience I was able to build on what I learned in my PW classes while gaining new professional skills. I learned about different cultures, networked, and still consider myself a part of the Iguana Books family!"



Kuhr_Megan.jpgMeghan Kuhr

"I was given the opportunity to live in New York City and work as an intern at Newsweek. The experience allowed me to discover my career, living, and lifestyle preferences, as well as put my writing and professional skills to real use, both of which I am extremely grateful for." 


Written for WRAC by Hayden Harris and Sierra Richards