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PWers Fill Leadership Roles at VIM Magazine
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VIM Magazine, one of the largest student-run organizations at MSU, thrives by bringing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content to all. The entire organization is run by over 200 MSU students, who work on the magazine tirelessly for months throughout the year, with a new edition printed at the end of every semester. VIM can be found in Urban Outfitters, Strange Matter Coffee Shop, Blue Owl Coffee Co, and other locations across campus and mid-Michigan, and it currently has over 7000 followers on all of its social media platforms. “Vim” means vitality and enthusiasm, something that students definitely bring to the magazine, and the name is also a reference to the word’s appearance in the MSU fight song (“Spartan teams are bound to win / They're fighting with a vim!”). Not surprisingly, many Professional Writing (PW) students serve as leaders for VIM, including the current co-editor in chief, Hannah Bullion.

Hannah notes that the magazine isn’t only about fashion for all. “It's about self expression and creativity, and it's a killer professional experience to have on your resume” she says. “I love that we’re run like a real print publication. I also love that we have the freedom to express certain things going on in the world and localize those ideas for MSU students.” As an outgoing graduate this year, Hannah remarks that all of her PW courses have helped her in VIM, and all her experiences with VIM will help her after graduation. By working for the publication, she gained connections that contributed to her getting an internship in New York at Refinery29.

Another PW student involved with VIM is Emma Moller, the copyediting director of the editing team. Her team is responsible for making sure the magazine is accurate with spelling and grammar. Emma really likes being a member, and she says that the magazine “combines a learning atmosphere with a professional atmosphere.” She has grown as an editor and a professional, as well as added to her portfolio as she completed various projects for VIM. Emma appreciates these aspects and all the valuable experience. “I am able to work on my editing skills and begin to work on managerial skills,” she says. “It also allows members to create friendships and professional relationships with other members and alumni.”

PWer Michala White is the director of the digital team. She leads a team of writers and editors who run VIM’s blog. As the director, she loves publishing content on the site and having the opportunity to collaborate with others. Being in VIM as a PW student has helped her learn even more about how a publication is run, and even helped her acquire internships. She loves that the magazine is 100% student run, with all content developed by students. As its membership has grown, so has the magazine. “Each magazine looks better every time it is launched,” she notes.

Another feature of VIM is the way it keeps current students connected with alumni of the magazine. At almost every VIM meeting, they arrange an interactive FaceTime session with an alum. These virtual meet-and-greets are great opportunities for students to learn more about life after graduation, how the alum landed her current job, and so on. “Not only do you get to work professionally on a beautiful magazine,” Hannah Bullion says, “but you get to work alongside so many equally talented and driven students.”

MSU students can join the magazine at the start of the Fall or Spring semesters. To join VIM and gain access to all the opportunities it has to offer, contact their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/VIMMagazineMSU/. To look at the online publication and the magazine’s blog, go to https://www.vimmagazinemsu.com.

Written by Heather Haely
11 April 2018