Alexandra White

by | Posted June 11th, 2014


Name: Alexandra White

Graduating Year: 2011

Majors/Track/Minor/Specialization: Professional Writing, Digital & Technical; Theatre, minor; Digital Humanities, specialization

Current Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager
Additional: Web Developer

Employer: JCC Association
Additional: Freelance

Location: Brooklyn, NY

What does a typical day-in-the-life look like?

A typical day at JCC Association is far from typical. Because I work at a nonprofit, I’m juggling several different hats at once. I’m part of a two person digital team responsible for all things web for JCC Association. What I may start off with on my agenda for the day often drastically changes by the end of the day. As Digital Marketing Manager, my immediate responsibilities involve maintaining all of our websites (of which there are 11), building new websites, project managing the JCC intranet, writing technical documentation, creating social media ad campaigns, managing all email campaigns, and much more. I also do little things like help our less technical saavy folk access various websites and consult with JCC professionals across North America.

What  are you most proud of accomplishing since graduating?

When I graduated I considered myself a generalist, good in lots of different areas. I was always a solid writer and most of my internship experience was in social media marketing. Additionally, I had some web development skills (courtesy of WRA 210, 410, and 7 months of re-building my portfolio), but was by no means an expert.

What is your advice for current professional writing students?

Take as many internship opportunities as you can. That’s the closest you’re going to get to the multiple years of experience that many employers are hoping for. Classwork cannot really prepare you for real world work like a job can (though PW classes are much more likely to do so than say, “A History of Ancient Greek Literature”). A lot of internships in our field are unpaid, but they may be able to open doors for you to future employment opportunities. Not everyone can afford to take those opportunities, but it’s worth looking into making them work with secondary paid employment.

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