Lauren Ebelt

by | Posted June 6th, 2014


Name: Lauren Ebelt

Graduating Year: 2012

Majors/Track/Minor/Specialization: Professional Writing

Current Job Title: Corporate Writer

Additionally: Freelance Writer

Employer: Neogen Corporation

Location: Okemos, MI

What does a typical day-in-the-life look like?

I manage social media for a food and animal safety company — meaning I write daily blog posts, interact with customers, and post to various social media outlets. I also help write both internal and external newsletters and to edit various publications. For my freelance job(s), I usually write an article or two per month on business start-ups and entrepreneurs in Michigan.

What  are you most proud of accomplishing since graduating?

I have found my voice, both as a writer and a professional. I can easily adapt to different styles of writing — from a more casual blog post, to a speech from a high ranking administrator. It’s something that has grown exponentially since graduation, being able to adapt to any writing challenge given to me.

What is your advice for current professional writing students?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re not going to know everything right away post-graduation, and you’re not supposed to. Going into the “real world” is a growing experience, and it’ll teach you so many things … so don’t stop learning either.


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