From Publishing Perspectives: Chocolate Might Save Barnes and Nobles

by | Posted August 2nd, 2013

Attention Borders Books: if you had only permeated the delicious aroma of chocolate throughout your store, combined with the undeniable smell of new books, you might still be in business. Too soon? A study conducted by a group of Belgian researchers found “that the ever-so-alluring aroma of chocolate not only inspires bookstore shoppers to stay in the store longer, it also boosts sales of certain genres of books.”

The “enticing smell” was sent through the store at two locations, not strong enough so it was noticeable right away, but when pointed out, customers recognized it as the scent of chocolate. Sales for a specific category of books also rose 40% when the smell of chocolate was present, and customers “were less likely to search for one specific book and take it directly to the register to immediately check out.”

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Source: Publishing Perspectives