From Brain Pickings: The Four People A Writer Must Be

by | Posted June 15th, 2013

A recently released volume of insights by writer Susan Sontag, titled Reborn: Journals & Notebooks 1947-1963, include a bit of wisdom of the four qualities that compose a writer.  Sontag, 28 at the time, said:

“The writer must be four people:
The nut, the obsédé
The moron
The stylist
The critic
1 supplies the material; 2 lets it come out; 3 is taste; 4 is intelligence.
A great writer has all 4 — but you can still be a good writer with only 1 and 2; they’re most important.”

I think these four qualities makes sense for all writers. Sontag’s book also includes mediations on art, marriage, and a list of beliefs between the ages of 14 and 24.

Source: Brain Pickings