Workflowy: Organize Your Brain.

by | Posted March 31st, 2013

If you’re somebody that writes in your planner like your life depends on it, WorkFlowy is a great alternative. By creating an account, you can start writing on your to-do list, which is basically an expandable piece of paper.

The great thing about WorkFlowy is you can have an infinite amount of subtopics under each topic. You can then choose to open or minimize each subtopic. Upon completing a task on your list, you can click “complete” and WorkFlowy will cross the task off for you. You can also move tasks and lists very easily. The greatest thing about WorkFlowy is the user experience – easy and uncomplicated.

It’s so easy to have WorkFlowy open all the time as a tab on your browser. There is no way to forget it, like you might a planner, or lose it. Anybody that needs to have this kind of organization in their crazy lives should try WorkFlowy. You’ll wonder how you ever lived your crazy life without it.