From Love These Pics: “6 Marvelously Modern Libraries”

by | Posted February 18th, 2013

Most would agree that a reading space contributes a lot to how you read or study. A library is usually the perfect place to sit back and relax with a good novel, or to grab a history book and study for that upcoming exam. What about the libraries that are becoming more modern with the times? Libraries now have computers and other electronic devices to use DVDs, eBooks, or audio books. But these libraries are also focused on the modern in more than just their content.

Stuttgart city library in Stuttgart, Germany

Love These Pics posted 6 Marvelously Modern Libraries, where you can find libraries from all over the world that utilize modern architecture. Some are overwhelmingly beautiful and others stay simple and stark, focusing on the books, like Stuttgart City Library in Germany (pictured here).

As a book enthusiast, it’s safe to say I would love the opportunity to visit each and every one of these libraries. Check them out!