From Media Jobs Daily: Tips on “How to Stop Second Guessing Your Career Decisions”

by | Posted January 14th, 2013

Every semester there comes a time when, as a college student, I find myself second guessing my career aspirations. Do I really want to do that? Is this the correct path for me? Then I remember why I chose my major in the first place and how much it excites me. Despite all this, I think it’s natural for college students to second guess what they are studying.

Media Jobs Daily recently released an article with three tips on how NOT to second guess the decisions you’re making about your career.

  1. Get Input
  2. Ask “what if” questions
  3. Explore ideas to act on.

I think all of these are essential to feeling confident in the decisions you are making about your future career. Ask questions. Get help if you need it from peers and professors. College is one of the only times you will have all the resources you need available at your fingertips, so my advice is to always use them to your best advantage.