Typewriters Making a Comeback?

by | Posted December 6th, 2012

Growing up in the 1990s, I was never really exposed to typewriters as an actual, functioning form of writing. However, loving old things, when I would see a typewriter in an antique store, I would have to type a few letters on it. There is something extremely satisfying about typing on a typewriter that just isn’t there when typing on a computer. Maybe that is one of the reasons that typewriters seem to be having a surge in popularity as Open Culture says in their article “The Enduring Analog Underworld of Gramercy Typewriter.”

The article shows a video about the owner of Gramercy Typewriter, a shop in New York City where they sell and repair old typewriters. The shop is purposely anti-computer, everything being indexed on cards and logged in a filing system. Paul Schweitzer narrates  the story of his career in typewriters in the video shown below:

A New York Story – “Gramercy Typewriter” from Prospect Productions on Vimeo.

In an age of newness, nostalgia seems also to be at an all-time high. Fashion, furniture, language, food: it is all returning and referencing an older time, a time where technology was not so all-encompassing as it is now. Is it possible that by disconnecting from the digital world and using a typewriter instead of a computer, writers could tap into a bygone era of creativity? I think Paul Schweitzer would definitely think so, and perhaps that is the draw of the typewriter. And the clicking of the keys is pretty fun too…