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Nicole Adams

M.A. DRPW Student 
Graduate Assistant

Email: adamsn22@msu.edu

Research Areas

Surveillance, Digital Communities and Spaces, Queer Theory, Content Strategy


Nicole is a graduate assistant in WRAC pursuing an MA in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. Her research interests are centered primarily on surveillance, digital communities and spaces, Queer Theory, and content strategy. She plans on running point for a Videogame developer as a media manager or going for a PhD. Nicole comes from Wisconsin where she lived most of her life and enjoys writing creative nonfiction, poetry, and longwinded manifestos. Other activities include, gaming, cooking, judging movies too harshly, and reading.


B.A. in English Literature, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Research or academic affiliations

WRAP Media Chair

Writing Center @ MSU Social Media Consultant


Social Media