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Nick Sanders

Ph.D. Student
Outreach Coordinator for The Writing Center @ MSU
Office: 300 Bessey Hall

Research Areas

Anti-racist Pedagogy, Assessment, and Professional Development; Critical Whiteness Studies; Curriculum Development; Design Thinking; TCP; Community Colleges; Graduate Education


Nick’s research, teaching, and service center around three keywords: equity, access, and agency. Nick thinks about how we can seriously operationalize anti-racist, design thinking, and participatory action research to rethink curriculum, professional development, and assessment that are more conscious of how pedagogy, assessment, curriculum design, and institutional systems are implicit in the reproduction of inequity (racism, classism, heterosexism). Ultimately, he engages in interdisciplinary inquiry to consider how can writing programs, centers, and departments do good and disrupt socio-historical inequities produced in, by, and through these institutional sites.


M.A., University of Maine, English Literature & Writing Studies, 2018

B.A., The College of Saint Rose, English, 2016

A.A., SUNY Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2014


Sanders, N. (2018). Securing Composition’s Disciplinarity: The Possibilities for Independent Writing Programs and Contingent Labor Activism. Composition Studies, 46.1 (Spring 2018).

Haywood, C., Pouncil, F., & Sanders, N. (2019, June). Designing Inclusive Futures: Black Feminist Design(s) as Ethical Practice in Administration, Pedagogy, and Research. Computers and Writing. East Lansing, Michigan, June 20-22 2019.

Sanders, N., & Pouncil, F. (2020, March). Contested and Constructed: Mundane Documents, Students, and Strategies for Emergence. Interactive workshop. Two-Year College English Association 2020. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 25 2019.

Pouncil, F., & Sanders, N. (2019, October). Retention as Art: What Can Quantitative Methods Teach Us About Retention, Writing Centers, and Institutional Partnerships?. International Writing Center Association 2019. Columbus, Ohio, October 16-19 2019.

Sanders, N. (2019, March). Wearing Too Many Masks: An Adjunct Instructor’s Habitus Across Multiple Sites of Instruction. Conference on College Composition and Communication, “Performance-Rhetoric, Performance-Composition.” Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, March 13-16 2019.

Sanders, N. (2018, March). Echoes from the Center: Assignment Prompts as Sites of Linguistic Domination. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Kansas City, Missouri, March 14-17 2018.

Research or Academic Affiliations

Council for Writing Program Administrators

National Council for the Teachers of English

Two-Year College English Association

Research in the Teaching of English

The Writing Center @ MSU

College English

Modern Language Association

Maine Council for English Language Arts

New England Association of Teachers of English

Conference on College Composition and Communication

Social Media

Twitter: @Sanders_Nick37