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Anicca Cox

Doctoral Candidate
Graduate Teaching Associate
Office: 267 Bessey Hall

Email: coxanicc@msu.edu
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Research Areas

Academic Labor and Institutional Ethnography, Material Feminisms, WPA, Community Engagement, FYC, Graduate Writing


Anicca’s work investigates academic labor via institutional ethnography methodologies and materialist feminist theory. She has experience teaching in first-year writing, professional and public writing and writing center theory and practice, TESL and TEFL.


M.A., Humboldt State University

B.A.F.A., University of New Mexico

Representative Work

Cox, A. (2020). Coin of the realm: Graduate student lore and faculty advice on research and publication, a video intervention.” London School of Economics Impact Blog, Accelerated Academy Series. www.blogs.lse.ac.uk

Cox, A. (2019). (Re)mapping disciplinary values and rhetorical concerns through language: Interviews about writing with seven instructors across the visual and performing arts. In S. J. Corbett, J.L. LeMesurier, T.E. Decker & B. Cooper (Eds). Writing in and about the Visual and Performing Arts: Creating, Performing and Teaching. (pp. 37–54). Across the Disciplines Books, WAC Clearinghouse.

Adler-Kassner, L., Cox, A., Elston, M., García de Mūeller, G., Kumari, A., Manivannan, V., Miller-Cochran, S., Moroski, K-E., Olejnik, M., O’Neill, P., Poe, M., Powell, A., Reid, S., & Roundtree, S.V. (2019). Building a twenty-first century feminist ethos: Three dialogues for WPAs. M. LaFrance & E. Wardle (Eds). Writing Program Administration, (42)2.

Cox, A., Schwarz, V. (2019). Review: Assessment, equity and opportunity to learn. The Journal of Writing Assessment. jwareadinglist.ucdavis.edu

Cox, A., (2018) Collaboration and resistance: academic freedom and non-Tenured labor. FORUM: Issues about Part-time and Contingent Faculty, (22)1, 4–13.

Gilbert, B. with Cox, A. Get Out: A Guide to Field Programming in the Arts. Routledge. (Book).

LaFrance, M., & Cox, A. (2017). Brutal(ist) meditations: space and labor-movement in a Writing program. In Kahn. S., Lallicker, W.B. & Lynch-Biniek, A. (Eds). Contingency, Exploitation and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition (pp. 279–301) Fort Collins, Colorado: WAC Clearinghouse and the University Press of Colorado.

Cox, A., Dougherty, T., Kahn, S., LaFrance, M. & Lynch-Biniek, A. (2016). The Indianapolis Resolution: Responding to 21st Century Exigencies/Political Economies of Composition Labor. College Composition and Communication (68)1, 38–67.

Cox, A. (2015). Mapping disciplinary values and rhetorical concerns through language: writing instruction in the visual and performing arts. Across the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning and Academic Writing(12) 4 (n.p.) wac.colostate.edu/atd/performing_arts/cox2015.cfm

Sample Courses Taught

WRA 101: Writing as Inquiry

WRA 202: Introduction to Professional and Public Writing

Social Media

Twitter: @aniccarose