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Jacqueline Rhodes

Professor, Department Chair; 
Graduate Faculty

Office: 235E Bessey Hall

Research Areas

Queer Rhetorics, Feminist Composition/Rhetoric, Multimodal Composition, Digital Rhetoric


Jacqueline Rhodes is Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at MSU. Her scholarly work focuses on intersections of rhetoric, materiality, and technology, and has been published in a variety of venues, including College Composition and Communication, JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory, Computers and Composition, Enculturation, and Rhetoric Review. Her book On Multimodality (co-authored with Jonathan Alexander; NCTE, 2014) won the 2015 CCCC Outstanding Book Award and the 2014 Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award. Techne, a book-length e-project co-authored with Jonathan Alexander, won the 2016 CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship. Her co-edited collection, Sexual Rhetorics (Routledge, 2017), won the same award in 2017.


Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
M.A., University of Idaho
B.A., University of Montana

Representative Work

The Routledge Handbook of Digital Rhetoric and Writing. Routledge, 2018. Co-edited with Jonathan Alexander.

Sexual Rhetorics: Methods, Identities, Publics. Routledge, 2015. Co-edited with Jonathan Alexander.

Techne: Queer Meditations on Writing the Self. Computers & Composition Digital Press/Utah State UP, 2015. Co-authored with Jonathan Alexander. Available at

On Multimodality: New Media in Composition Studies. CCCC Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series. NCTE, 2014. Co-authored with Jonathan Alexander.

Radical Feminism, Writing, and Critical Agency: From Manifesto to Modem. SUNY P (2005).

“Queer/ed Research: Disrupting the Unending Conversation.” Explanation Points: Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition, edited by Dànielle Nicole DeVoss and John Gallagher. Utah State UP, 2019, pp. 161-65.

“Becoming Utopias: Toward a Queer Rhetoric of Instantiation.” Making Future Matters, edited by Mary P. Sheridan and Rick Wysocki. Computers & Composition Digital Press (an imprint of Utah State UP), 2018. Available at

“Beyond Student as User: Critical Making, Multimodality, and User-Centered Design.” Computers & Composition special issue on User-Centered Design and Usability in the Composition Classroom, vol. 49, no. 1, 2018, pp. 71-81. Co-authored with Dawn S. Opel.

“Sluts are Not Enough: Notes on Fourth-Wave Feminist Rhetorics.” Unruly Rhetorics, edited by Jonathan Alexander, Susan Jarratt, and Nancy Welch. U of Pittsburgh P, 2018, pp. 88-104.

Sample Courses Taught

WRA 805: Theories/Histories of Rhetoric
WRA 260: Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Culture

Research or Academic Affiliations 

Incoming editor, Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Social Media

Twitter: @jrhodes