Celebrating the 14th Annual First-Year Writing Conference

Four students sitting around a table at the First Year Writing Conference

On December 1st, 2023, first-year writing (FYW) students shared their final projects with other students and faculty at the 14th Annual FYW Conference: a semesterly celebration of students’ work and academic growth, culminating in a showcase of multimodal writing projects. 

Held on the third floor of Ernst Bessey Hall, the conference marked a day of discussion about FYW students’ writerly identities and composing processes. Students presented their final work through posters, drawings, photographs, and other print and digital media, and expanded on their reflections in conversations with conference attendees, including FYW faculty and fellow students. 

Presentation topics from this year’s conference included:

  • Life transitions (from small to major!)
  • Community-building
  • Familial and cultural influences on personal identity
  • The unifying power of shared interests and hobbies 
  • Reflections on career, vocation, passion, and purpose

As they wrap up their first semesters at MSU, FYW students shared thoughtful reflections about navigating life transitions, exploring personal identity and cultural values, making career decisions, and other experiences associated with college life and young adulthood. 

Grounded in the mission of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Cultures (WRAC), the FYW program at MSU places students at the center of these learning experiences. Focusing on purpose, process, and culture, FYW faculty encourage students to approach writing as a reflective and analytical tool – particularly as they encounter new challenges and opportunities during and beyond their first years at MSU. 
This spring, the FYW program looks forward to another writing-rich semester, led by another fantastic cohort of student writers and producers of knowledge. Stay tuned for more updates on the FYW program and other happenings throughout WRAC in our News content and Instagram page!