P2W Club Formed by Professional and Public Writing Students

Students of the Professional and Public Writing major have a new organization: the P2W Club. Formed in Fall 2019, the P2W Club is a space for students in the major to connect, network, and grow as scholars and community members. In an interview with the WRAC communications team, the four student leaders of the P2W club shared their thoughts on how the club serves its members and students across the major.

WRAC: How did the P2W club start?

P2W Leaders: In Fall 2019 it started as a listening session for the major. The attending students were very vocal, leading administrators to consider putting the students in leadership positions within the major. The purpose, duties, and responsibilities of the club were drawn up by the group over the first few meetings. 

WRAC: Who runs the club?

P2W Leaders: P2W is student-organized and run. We have faculty mentors, but the club is almost entirely supported by students’ efforts.

WRAC: What’s the goal of the club?

P2W Leaders: We have dual goals: both advancing the professional careers of students who choose to utilize the club’s events, and providing a space for students to pass time with their peers and relax. 

WRAC: What happens during a meeting?

P2W Leaders: As new members continue to flock to our growing club, we always begin with a round of introductions and a fun question to answer about yourself to break the ice and open a dialogue between members. We then dive into whatever business we have planned for the day, which changes for every meeting. At this point, we are focusing on building club participation and planning social and professional events.

WRAC: What resources are available?

P2W Leaders: Our club has an Instagram and a Slack channel. Our club email is p2wmsu@gmail.com.  

We are working to build our resources from here as we become a registered student organization and work toward establishing the club more solidly in the MSU community. 

WRAC: How often do you meet?

P2W Leaders: The club typically meets bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings. We occasionally have one-time events at other times.

WRAC: How did you spend quarantine as a club?

P2W Leaders: Our club was hardly a club before COVID struck, so the switch to Zoom rooms has been rather seamless as we meet amidst the pandemic. 

WRAC: Has it changed how you build relationships in the club?

P2W Leaders: It hasn’t so much changed as formed, as much of the formative work for the club is being done this semester.

WRAC: What are the differences between club activities before quarantine as opposed to now?

P2W Leaders: The big difference is no pizza and donuts!!

WRAC: Why should students join this club?

P2W Leaders: Anyone interested in community building and professional development with peers and faculty within the P2W major should join the P2W club.

WRAC: How can students get involved with the club?

P2W Leaders: There are no strict membership requirements — the club is designed to serve P2W majors and those interested in the major or in related fields. Students may attend meetings as often as they like, even if it’s only dropping in once a semester. Students can become more involved in the club through increased participation, and leadership roles down the road. The club’s goal is to be a welcome space for all students, regardless of how much time they are able to commit.

WRAC:  What do you want the club to look like in the future?

Emma Kolakowski, Co-President (Professional Development): Securing internships is both difficult but crucial to success for the ideal career fields of many P2W majors. I want the club to be a place where newer students can contact those who have been in the major longer, and get first-hand advice on the competitive industries entered by P2W grads.

Sierra Jezuit, Co-President (Social): Ultimately, I’d love the club to continue to be an open and welcoming space for all students interested in, or currently involved in, the P2W major. If the club could further create a community among P2W students while offering opportunities to learn and grow together, then I feel the club would be benefiting all involved. I’d love to see the club continue to grow and engage students of all years and experience levels.

Shelby Smith, Business Chair: I want the club to be a hub for communication and community building within the major. There are so many students I’ve had classes with over the years whose company I enjoyed, but never connected with outside of class. I want P2W Club to be a place students in the major are excited to be with one another and foster lasting relationships with peers and faculty.

Justice Curry, Social Media Coordinator: I want the club to be more diverse. It’s frustrating to be one of two BIPOC within the club. 

WRAC: Is there anything you want to add?

P2W Leaders: Though we call ourselves a club, think of us as more of a service: We exist as a group of students, helping fellow students. We encourage an informal club meeting, where anyone interested can come at any point in the semester, as frequently or infrequently as they like. We’re a fun, informal bunch just working towards promoting family in our program 🙂