Faculty Spotlight: Jackie Rhodes

Our faculty spotlight this week is Jackie Rhodes, the WRAC Department Chair! One of Jackie’s peers shared the following thoughts about her work:

Jackie is the new chair of WRAC, having already been interim chair for two years. She represents what we value as a department: care, empathy, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Jackie demonstrates compassionate leadership and is an advocate for all faculty and students in WRAC. She is known as someone who solves problems and takes the careers and concerns of her colleagues seriously. As well, she maintains an open and transparent work environment by keeping regular office hours for all members of the department—just to show up and ask questions or to be social. We are fortunate to have Jackie as a leader in WRAC!

Jackie is working on two projects right now: The Routledge Handbook of Queer Rhetoric, co-edited with Jonathan Alexander; and a documentary feature on The Furies, a notorious 1970s lesbian separatist collective. Details at www.onceafury.com
Thank you, Jackie, for your dedication to the WRAC department