Faculty Spotlight: Grace Pregent

Headshot of a woman with long dark hair over a tan and green background with the words Faculty Spotlight Grace Pregent

Our faculty spotlight this week is Grace Pregent, a graduate faculty member in WRAC and an associate director of The Writing Center @ MSU! One of Grace’s colleagues shared this about her work:

Dr. Grace Pregent is an excellent mentor, teacher, administrator, and leader for WRAC graduate students and the Writing Center staff. Grace has championed the language statement in policies, mentoring, and teaching cultures in the Writing Center and within WRAC. With many students, she has helped develop and pilot the Community Writing Center, an oral storytelling project, and a revamp of the WC Handbook. She has also demonstrated a firm commitment to the embodied knowledges of students and staff and has consistently collaborated on administrative, scholarly, and pedagogical projects with her students. As an interdisciplinary practitioner, Grace brings together programmatic thinking with her research in narrative theory in order to imagine and practice more radical ways of being in community in the classroom, center, and world. Grace has consistently been a remarkable mentor to her students, helping them develop and giving them space to grow and practice their skills.

Grace also has an article forthcoming this fall in OSU’s Victorians Journal on peripheral voices in narratives. Thank you, Grace, for your excellent work in and beyond WRAC!