Faculty Spotlight: Hillery Glasby

Image of a woman with long dark hair wearing a black shirt. The background is teal and tan with text that says Faculty Spotlight Hillery Glasby

Our faculty spotlight this week is Hillery Glasby, an assistant professor in the WRAC department! One of her peers wanted to give a shout-out to Hillery for her work in the department:

Hillery just published a co-edited anthology on queer Appalachia, available at this link: https://wvupressonline.com/node/832. She is also a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Gender in Global Context at MSU.

Hillery teaches both P2W and FYW courses in WRAC. She also does amazing work in her classes with students, providing lots of opportunity for them to bring their own interests to their coursework.

Hillery recently worked with a P2W student, Charlotte Bachelor, to create a digital zine to accompany and promote the Storytelling in Queer Appalachia collection: https://vimeo.com/433150332. Another recent publication is her article on GLBT and queer ethos, co-written with a late scholar: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-0787/8/2/97/htm Currently, Hillery is working on a video project that discusses the ways DIY and handmade zines are mediated by, and shared through, technology. Thank you, Hillery, for the wonderful work you are doing within and beyond WRAC!