Maude Campbell: Copy Editor for Popular Mechanics

Degree/Year: Professional Writing, 2014
Company: Popular Mechanics        
Position: Copy Editor
City/State: New York, New York

Maude Campbell in front of a Popular Mechanics poster

Make the most of every opportunity and don’t be afraid to take chances.


I utilize InCopy and InDesign to work on articles throughout all stages of production to publish 10 issues a year. At our magazine, there are six stages an article must go through before it appears in print, and along with the copy chief, I am responsible for reading all articles in various stages (including the cover) before they are approved to ship. I work with our researchers, editors and designers to ensure we are providing the cleanest content possible for our readers.

The support I received from my advisor and professors prepared me most for this role. They worked closely with me and were able to see in me that I was more comfortable working in fast-paced environments, and further suggested I attend the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. They encouraged me to get involved within the Spartan publishing community, which led me to work at The Writing Center and The State News

My advice is to make the most of every opportunity and don’t be afraid to take chances. Go out of your way to speak with your professors and classmates and don’t be scared to ask people who you admire for an informational interview.