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Visual Rhetoric in Logos


A requirement for a Professional Writing degree here at MSU is taking a class on being able to see, identify, understand, and use visual rhetoric. Visual rhetoric is communication through a graphic medium. This term can encompass anything from videos and photographs to ads and company logos. These are things we see all day every day. Whether it is a sign on the side of the road, commercials on TV, even simply walking down a grocery aisle visual rhetoric is everywhere.

A great source of visual rhetoric examples is an article by Julia Letts on Diply. This piece takes a closer look at 30 of the most famous and universally recognized company logos including Coco Cola, Baskin Robins, McDonald’s, and Google. These logos are not only products of smart designing but also clever professional writers and designers. Each logo has a hidden, and not so hidden, message that takes professional writing to the next level. I challenge you to put your new understanding of visual rhetoric to the test.

With a single glance at any of these logos you should be able to recognize the brand straight away, which is an amazing feat of visual rhetoric in and of itself. Next, push yourself to find the hidden meanings within the logos before scrolling down to the answers. Then challenge and amaze your friends and family with your insanely nerdy visual rhetoric wisdom.

This infographic does an amazing job of further explaining visual rhetoric…by using visual rhetoric…

Graphic by TheVisualCommunicationGuy.Com
Graphic by TheVisualCommunicationGuy.Com