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Txting and Spellng


You’re looking down at your phone, sending your one-hundredth text of the day to your best friend, and an older individual shakes their head. They lament, “Oh, you kids nowadays. You never talk anymore; all you do is text. Worst of all, it’s hurting your ability to write.”

I guarantee you’ve heard someone say something similar to that before, but according to researchers at Coventry University, students of ages eight to sixteen were found to have a better understanding of grammatical rules and spelling. The students tended to send 3,900 texts per month, and apparently, the frequency of texting is conducive of better writing. The one aspect of writing that suffers is punctuation, but commas and semi-colons aren’t exactly the easiest things for users to remember.

Plz reed ths Rticle & thnk abowt how grmmr & spllng help peeple wright. Lol thx ttyl brb.