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Personal Branding: A Guide


Personal branding is a way of thinking of oneself as a brand, especially within the realm of the Internet; almost everyone has some sort of online presence. We have our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, Instagram accounts, and Twitter handles and all of these help build (consciously or not) a personal brand.

We all have projected images of ourselves on the web, and people are going to draw conclusions about us based on what we post. As such, we have quite a bit of control over our online appearance and can guide our personal brand in any way we choose.

So, how should one cultivate their personal brand? Forbes has a list of seven practices to help one control one’s personal brand, number one being to literally think of yourself as a brand. How can you market yourself according to your goals? When someone hears your name, what do they associate with you? By asking yourself these questions, you can efficiently navigate your way to building a solid personal brand.

With the various portals of social media available today, there are certain strategies tailored to each outlet. For example, Mashable recommends several practices for using Twitter in building your personal brand, such as  completely utilizing the bio section of your profile. This is a prime area for starting to introduce the Internet to who it is you are and, therefore, is crucial to successful personal branding.

Whether you choose to actively grow and cultivate your personal brand or not, it’s definitely interesting to know that our filtered lives will affect our actual lives, too.