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Get To Know: Writers’ Block

writers bloc

Are you a Professional Writing major? You are? Well, then congrats! You are also a member of MSU’s Writers’ Bloc. Writers’ Bloc is an official student organization in the WRAC Department of the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University.

As said by our fearless leader, Laura Julier:

Last year, PWers started organizing themselves in project teams.

The following teams have either already started working or are still in formation. Some only need a couple more people before they can begin working.

Field Trip Planning team:
16 people went to Grand Rapids last fall, met 3 amazing alums in 3 different workplaces. In spring semester, a group went to visit Detroit PW alums. They also talked about a visit to one of the strong local PW partners in the Lansing area. This fall, they’ve already started planning another trip to Detroit. Contact Shannon Roe-Butler (roebutle@msu.edu) if you want to get involved in making this happen.

PW Design team:
The team last year was amazing. They started meeting already but could still use some help. This team will work on designing documents—flyers and posters—for the program, and in January begin working on the end-of-the year slide show that celebrates all PW accomplishments and is featured at the reception on May 1st. Great edition to any portfolio! Contact Laura Julier (julier@msu.edu) if interested.

PW Plunder team:
There are still Clyde t-shirts for sale! But now it’s time for the next step: what other PW-themed stuff do you want to see created and purchase? Maybe someone wants to open a Zazzle store?! Contact Laura Julier (julier@msu.edu) or Lizzie Oderkirk (oderkir1@msu.edu) with your ideas.

Bar Crawl / T-shirt Design team:
You know you want to have a say in designing this year’s t-shirts and planning this annual event, taking place this year on May 1st after the Gala PW reception. Emily Dallaire (dallair9@msu.edu), Haley Erb (erbhaley@msu.edu), and Charlie Thompson signed up.

Writers’ Bloc Social Media team:
Right now, they are running the Writers’ Bloc Facebook and Twitter pages. However, they are open to suggestions. If you have any questions or are interested in joining, contact Lindsey Spitzley (spitzl46@msu.edu) or Morgan Omara (omaramor@msu.edu).

If there are other things you’d like to make or see happen in PW, email Laura Julier (julier@msu.edu). Some ideas that have happened in the past include a movie night in the Writing Center with pizza or maybe someone running a Photoshop and InDesign tutorial.

You can follow the organization on Facebook and Twitter.