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Dànielle DeVoss’s Latest Book: Cultures of Copyright

Professional Writing Professor Dànielle DeVoss is a familiar face around the halls of Bessey. Many have worked with her on projects in CAL’s Creativity Exploratory, but many more have had her as a professor. Now, even more will come to know and learn from Dànielle with the publication of her and Martine Rife’s latest book Cultures of Copyright.

“We have to look at copyright and intellectual property through legal, historical, technological, and cultural perspectives,” said Dànielle.

Cultures of Copyright is book 4 in Peter Lang Publishing Inc’s Communication Law series that discusses the concept of intellectual property and its influences on different cultures. This subject has been the center of many issues of copyright throughout the world.

“It is a part of the ongoing interdisciplinary and international conversations about cultural rhetoric. There are multidisciplinary perspectives on copyright and we are just adding to the conversation,” said Dànielle about the book.

She also excitedly noted it’s underlying connections to the PW community in the form of numerous chapters being written by a PW faculty member or alum (check out the list below!). Pdubs from all over the world responded to Dànielle and Martine’s call for proposals in 2011. Talk about PW power! Because of which, the book covers a wide variety of cultures and copyright topics from sampling and Grandmaster Flash’s stolen identity to Native Americans having their tribal symbols taken, trademarked, and turned against them.

Here is Dànielle’s list of PW contributors in her new book:

  • Martine Courant Rife, the other editor, graduated with her PhD from MSU in Rhetoric and Writing.
  • Nicole Nguyen (chapter 9) is a PW alum who graduated from MSU and went to DePaul for law school. She has her JD and works for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Liza Potts, Dean Holden, and Katie Dobruse (chapter 10) are all MSU folks — Liza is, of course, faculty in WRAC and Director of the Experience Architecture program. Dean and Katie were both graduate students in the Rhetoric and Writing program.
  • Gabriela Raquel Ríos and Donnie Johnson Sackey (chapter 15) both finished their PhDs at MSU in the Rhetoric and Writing program. Donnie is faculty at Wayne State, and Gabriela is faculty at University of Central Florida.
  • Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Robyn Tasaka, and Lehua Ledbetter (chapter 16) each finished their PhDs at MSU in the Rhetoric and Writing program. Jen is faculty at Virginia Tech, Robyn is faculty at Leeward Community College, and Lehua is faculty at the University of Rhode Island.
  • Angela M. Shetler (chapter 17) is a PW alum. She taught in Japan, then received her MA from the University of Sydney, and she currently writes for Epic.
  • Guiseppe Getto and Jessica Getto-Rivait (chapter 19) both received their PhDs from MSU from the Rhetoric and Writing program. Guiseppe is faculty at East Carolina University, and Jessica now works in healthcare.

Interested? Well, you can find her book on Amazon or you can just stop by Dànielle’s office and talk to her about it yourself. While you are at it, don’t forget to ask Dànielle about her upcoming writing projects. Who knows, perhaps you can be the next Pdub to be published in the latest Devoss publication.