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Michael Wojcik
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Michael Wojcik


Email: wojcikm4@msu.edu

Research Areas

computational rhetoric, critical and rhetorical theory


For nigh on a dozen years Michael has haunted the WRAC department, R&W, WIDE, and environs in the various capacities of faculty spouse, MA student, dilettante and hanger-on, and now instructor (for WRA 410). Previous academic activities focused on feminist and postcolonial theory, but of late he’s been dabbling in computational rhetoric. In his spare time, Michael feeds the military-industrial complex as a Technical Specialist for Micro Focus.

Representative Work

“Inventing Computational Rhetoric” (MA thesis, 2013; http://ideoplast.org/thesis/)

“Sentiment analysis of student reviews of student writing” (2011; http://ideoplast.org/cse842/Wojcik-Eli-sentiment-report.pdf)

“Writing Code” (presentation at ATTW 2009; http://ideoplast.org/code/)