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Kathryn Houghton

Academic Specialist of Teaching

Office: 260 Bessey Hall

Email: hought34@msu.edu

Twitter: @kathrynth




Kathryn teaches in the professional writing, first-year writing, and integrated arts and humanities programs. She is currently interested in language, grammar, and editing, and is interested in how you can study these topics from both a humanities and psychological perspective.  


M.F.A., creative writing and fiction, Eastern Washington University
B.A., professional writing, editing and publishing, Michigan State University

Representative Work

Houghton, Kathryn. 2012. "The Woman Next Door." Pank 7. http://pankmagazine.com/print-issues/pank-7/

Houghton, Kathryn. 2013. "Mother and Child, by Carole Maso." The Collagist 43. http://thecollagist.com/the-collagist/2013/2/12/mother-and-child-by-carole-maso.html

Fedewa, Kate, and Kathryn Houghton. 2017. "Scaffolding Agency and Responsibility in Cloud-Based Collaborative Writing." In Integration of Cloud Technologies in Digitally Networked Classrooms and Learning Communities, edited by Binod Gurung and Marohang Limbu. IGI Global.

Selected Courses Taught

Introduction to Grammar and Editing
Writing for Publication Workshop
Managing Publications Projects
Literature, Culture, and Identities
Portfolio Seminar
Writing as Inquiry